A complete digital medical microbiology resource, with short digital animations, images, over 350 premium board-style questions for first and second-year medical students, and more!

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Created By Faculty.

Built For Students.

Created by current and former microbiology faculty, for medical and health professional students studying infectious diseases.

Video Animations

Explaining infectious diseases and processes one step at a time.

Digital Textbook

A complete, searchable digital infectious disease textbook at your fingertips.

Board Questions

More than 350 Step-1 board-style practice questions for medical students.

Mastering Medical Microbiology

Our goal is to provide exceptional quality, affordable, and accessible infectious disease materials to students in health professional and medical programs world-wide.

Sample Pages

Here are a few sample pages from our digital textbook resource:


“Microtosis is the perfect full-spectrum medical microbiology study-aid! The animated videos and test prep questions were, by far, the most beneficial part of the site! Top-notch teaching in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand format that rivals any of the the best online medical study tools available today!”

Dr. A. Coonce

Pediatrics Resident

“I loved having Microtosis as a resource! it is beautifully organized and very easy to navigate. I really appreciated the practice questions and classical case presentations they provide for each organism. It helped me develop a strong understanding of how to identify and differentiate microbes that I may come into contact with during my education and career. I highly recommend this for any person taking microbiology.”

Harrison S.

MS-II, Class of 2020

Career Microbiologists and Educators

We are a small group of collaborative former and current, top-ranked, U.S. medical school faculty members who work together to devise, develop and deliver the best content possible.