Features of Microtosis

A brief tour of what’s under the hood …

Video Animations

More than 250 short video animations that explain key infectious diseases, their pathogenesis, clinical conditions, and important attributes that aid in Dx and Tx. All videos can be sped up to 2x speed, slowed down (if that’s your cup of tea), and can be viewed an unlimited number of times.

Video Stills

Want to just peek at the summary from the video? View and enlarge the video “still image”, taken from the end of the animation.

Digital Textbook

Microtosis delivers an entire digital textbook covering medical microbiology. All information is kept as concise as possible, consisting of bullet points contained within toggles.

Sample Pages

Here are a few sample pages from our digital textbook resource:

Classic Cases

Nearly every page contains one or more “Classic Cases”. These highlight the stereotypical symptoms and results for each infectious disease/condition. Of course, not every patient looks like the classic case, but you get the idea …

Organism Pages

Organisms are grouped by “class”: (i.e. Gram-positive bacteria, sub-divided into rods and cocci.)

Extensive menus are found at the bottom of each individual organism page.

Body System Pages

Information is also organized by “Body/Organ Systems” or “Special Populations”, easily found via turquoise footer menus.

Within each body/organ system, new menus appear which list the key infectious organisms affecting that body system (or special population, such as neonates). 

Full-Text References

All pages contain full-text reference links to external, peer-reviewed papers and reviews, and are freely available regardless of your own institution’s library subscription.

Image Galleries

Our digital textbook contains nearly a thousand images of infectious organisms and the conditions they cause.

Practice Board-Questions

For first and second-year medical students … our question bank contains nearly 400 high-quality Board-Style questions for you to hone your skills. Timed tests, untimed tests, and tutor-mode are all available. Questions can also be filtered by body/organ system to allow you to practice within a single organ system.

Searchable Textbook

You can search for partial or complete terms, words, or phrases, and relevant pages on Microtosis.com containing that term will be returned. This search function also tries its best to offer “did you mean” suggestions, because even we have a hard time spelling Corynebacterium diphtheriae …

Ready to master microbiology?